Controls [noun]

Definition of Controls:

command, mastery

Opposite/Antonyms of Controls:

Sentence/Example of Controls:

It was round, with a small, rectangular projection for the operator's controls and calculator.

High-Pockets Jones had walked into the cabinet a second time, and his double had worked the controls and produced a third.

His intention was to land, till the slim hands of Chet Bullard thrust him roughly aside and reached for the controls.

He heard the clash of levers thrown sharply over in that distant ship; his own hands were frozen to the controls.

A nitron illuminator flashed brilliantly upon shining levers—emergency controls that they hoped they would not have to use.

Several of the crew worked feverishly at the controls above the instrument board.

He has rigged a cable with a switch box so you can operate the controls from the front seat.

This conception of the financial side of the working-girls' club management controls in the clubs, with few exceptions, to-day.

We writhe in pain and bear the brunt of an arrogant tyranny from whatever force that created and controls us.

The drop or relay controls a local circuit composed of an open-circuit battery and an ordinary vibrating bell.