Controversial [adjective]

Definition of Controversial:

at issue

Opposite/Antonyms of Controversial:

Sentence/Example of Controversial:

He was the author of many learned theological works and controversial publications.

Joseph Blanco White, an English preacher and controversial writer, died, aged 67.

John Penry, an English controversial writer, executed for heresy against the episcopacy.

As time passed, the old question of the state debt loomed more important and more controversial than ever.

I may equally charge controversial writers with fraud, when they falsify the words or arguments of an opponent.

The Pharisees, always captious and controversial, sought to entangle the Savior in a discussion on the subject of divorce.

Controversial writings or treatises written to attack or defend a given position, largely the product of the Reformation period.

And to take any controversial ground for the basis of restraint upon personal liberty, would probably end in disappointment.

All of the controversial materials, together with much of the theoretical subject matter, will then be superfluous.

In general, the aim of all remarks on Hume's writings in the present work is expository, not controversial.