Controversies [noun]

Definition of Controversies:

debate, dispute

Synonyms of Controversies:

Opposite/Antonyms of Controversies:

Sentence/Example of Controversies:

He has been speaking all that time, taking a part in all the controversies of the day.

From questions of this class, spring all our constitutional controversies, and we divide upon them into majorities and minorities.

In his political controversies, it must be confessed, his equanimity deserted him, and he is often intolerant and unfair.

Names being regarded as things in such controversies, they bestowed on the anti-improvement gentlemen the appellation of Radicals.

His controversies with those under him form an interesting chapter of Confederate records.

The political controversies, however, did not terminate upon the admission of the plebeians to full political rights.

He seems to have been of a headlong, blustery, uncertain disposition; much tossed about in the controversies of his day.

Possessing a high tempered and somewhat contentious nature, Giberne was involved in numerous sharp controversies.

He was drawn into a series of deplorable controversies, which estranged him from many; but of his real friends he lost not one.

I am not going to take your time to rehash any controversies referred to in the eloquence from the State of Washington.