Contumely [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Contumely:

Any one might differ with their conclusions, but is it courteous or decent to hold them up to ridicule and contumely?

And yet one could not treat with contumely a person who acted in one's interests.

Well, if the man be treated with contumely, he may very likely despair and give up all hope of improvement.

There is absolutely no image-making art in the practice of our people, except only this art of rags and contumely.

Neither the Captain's contumely nor the garrison's insults had humiliated or discouraged her.

This was treason—an overt tampering with the allegiance of the followers; and the subordinate was driven forth with contumely.

Dinshaw belonged aft, and for that reason to treat him with contumely was a reflection on everybody aft.

The contumely of their manner had so offended you that you sat down to your meal without appetite.

Words of death and contumely came to me in every breeze that blew through the wall-flowers growing in the crannies.

The regiment of women is repugnant to nature, contumely to God, and a subversion of good order, as before.