Convalescence [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Convalescence:

While there, she accidentally contracted conjunctivitis from an infant with gonorrhea ophthalmia and subsequently lost an eye after a long and painful convalescence.

It appears early in the catarrhal stage, and persists until after convalescence.

I was blinded by passion; but that my emotional depths were not even stirred was manifested by the rapidity of my convalescence.

She charged him with having been a remarkable case, and he piled up illustrations of what he felt able to do in his convalescence.

The nurse smiled, and left him to his thoughts, which now came freely enough—too freely to help him to convalescence.

A great weakness seemed to overcome him, for an unusual gentleness came into his voice, the quiet tone of weak convalescence.

An operation followed and after that a rather long, slow convalescence.

Convalescence from a severe sickness is a just cause for sexual abstinence.

The days went by, and through the slow degrees of convalescence Peter grew strong again.

This last week a new calm has come into my spirit,—a strange, sudden convalescence, like the lifting of a long fever.