Convene [verb]

Definition of Convene:

bring together; meet

Synonyms of Convene:

Opposite/Antonyms of Convene:

Sentence/Example of Convene:

And Robinson heard him scuttle about and hastily convene small boys and dispatch them down the road to look at an honest man.

The governor shall have power to convene the legislature on extraordinary occasions.

When threatened with a council, they again replied, that none but the pope could convene it.

Some merry, friendly countra folksTogether did convene,To burn their nuts, an' pluck their stocksAn' hand their hollowe'en.

From the municipal chambers he hurried round the town to convene an indignation meeting for the following week.

Some churches may convene every day; some thrice or twice in the week; some, perchance, but once.

The gentleman had asked emphatically why Congress should convene here in May.

Orders also came to convene a court of inquiry on Gen. Evans.

The Legislature was appointed to convene on the tenth of January.

They convene annually on the first Monday in October, and each house elects a presiding officer out of its own body.