Convened [verb]

Definition of Convened:

bring together; meet

Synonyms of Convened:

Opposite/Antonyms of Convened:

Sentence/Example of Convened:

A new Assembly had just been convened, from which all the members of the one but recently dissolved were by law excluded.

A public meeting was convened, and Moffat gave a circumstantial account of the information he had gathered.

A court-martial was convened, and the leader and seven others out of the twenty-two were condemned and executed.

Public meetings were convened, and addresses expressive of sorrow at his resignation poured in upon him from all quarters.

Three weeks afterwards the bigots convened a ticket meeting at Exeter Hall.

In the council convened to consider this warning it was decided not to resist the strangers.

Mirabeau was in Berlin, in a sort of semi-diplomatic position, when the Assembly of Notables was convened.

At Frankfort, during this interval, the national parliament of Germany was convened on May 18.

Meetings are convened by notices sent to members stating the time and place of the meeting and the business to be transacted.

The first territorial legislature convened January 16, 1855, and remained in session until March seventeenth of the same year.