Convenes [verb]

Definition of Convenes:

bring together; meet

Synonyms of Convenes:

Opposite/Antonyms of Convenes:

Sentence/Example of Convenes:

I have had a desire to attend the Northern Indiana Eldership, which convenes tomorrow eve.

It calls for the elections of representatives to the Assembly and convenes its sessions.

Our association convenes today under changed conditions not only in this country but throughout the world.

You can bring the money in here before the court convenes in the morning, or I withdraw from the case.

Twelve citizens known as a grand jury usually meet at the time the circuit court convenes.

A person who convenes others, fixing the time and place of meeting.Baillie.

The British government officials are located at the former place, while the native legislature convenes in the latter.

Whenever the council convenes to act on any case, the twelve councilors are to consider whether it is very difficult or not.

The court convenes on Monday next when I shall be discharged and return home.

Each club convenes at regular intervals, usually in the rooms of such members as volunteer to be hosts.