Conveniences [noun]

Definition of Conveniences:

availability, usefulness; useful thing

Opposite/Antonyms of Conveniences:

Sentence/Example of Conveniences:

In its best days it combined a military stronghold with the conveniences and artistic effects of a palace.

On those retained for use additions had been built, verandas added, windows enlarged, and many conveniences planned within doors.

Among the conveniences of this hotel our friend had the pleasant surprise of finding a good grand piano.

Here there were no conveniences and very few even of what might be considered necessaries.

And of course it must be new-papered and painted and modern conveniences placed in it.

But in Turkey such conveniences are a secondary consideration.

You say you do not see how we can have so many conveniences and comforts at the price we pay for board.

It will yet be recorded on her tombstone, 'Died of conveniences.'

In other respects also he was careless about those mechanical conveniences by which mental work is usually facilitated.

It is just as well, however, to know what one could do if separated from modern conveniences.