Conventionality [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Conventionality:

His whole life had been a protest against conventionality, and this impassioned denunciation came from a new world.

Besides, the gifted Miss Hamilton is an artist, and that covers a multitude of sins against conventionality.

"Pouring-out" was one of the great events of Mrs. Dacres' at-homes: it was a sort of sacrifice at the altar of conventionality.

"I—I must wish you joy," said Neeld, taking refuge in conventionality.

Her unsophisticated open-air existence required no varnish of conventionality to make it palatable to him.

When the unpleasant task of conventionality was accomplished the magnate resumed his eternal monologue.

She had advanced to the secret recesses of sensuousness, yet had hardly crossed the threshold of conventionality.

"You pushed neglect of the worship of conventionality rather far," Richard said.

Ah, well, conventionality proved perfectly competent to avenge herself!

But the gulf of conventionality yawned between them, and there seemed no likelihood of its ever being bridged.