Conventions [noun]

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I always thought that people wore it very very short if they despised the conventions of society.

There are certain social conventions attached even to a Dragon Maid.

It was the old earth music, and it drowned the recollection of social conventions and caste distinctions.

New truth is only wanted to expand, not to destroy, our civil and often elegant conventions.

The newspapers had ridiculed such conventions, and they were looked upon as legitimate subjects for ridicule.

Other conventions, of more recent existence, have gone a whole bar's length beyond it.

The delegate from Marion, like the mysterious person from Pulaski, was a stranger to state conventions.

But when ratified by the people in their respective conventions, then it had a voice, and spoke authentically.

However, it was too strong for his conventions, and he loitered behind in the confusion of merry departures.

Must one, even in this desolate place, kow-tow to the conventions devised to prop up the weak and untrustworthy?