Convergent [adjective]

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They did not know how tired I was, how exhausted mentally and morally, nor how cruel their convergent attack on me chanced to be.

Prothorax two-thirds wider than long, sides parallel in basal half, convergent anteriorly.

It is important to notice that Donders' theory makes convergent squint appear as almost a necessary consequence of hypermetropia.

For near objects the myopic eye is used without accommodation and therefore also without convergent strabismus of the right.

It may, therefore, be useful for our purpose to cite a few cases of periodic convergent strabismus with emmetropia.

For a long time tendency to convergent squint, which is combined with diplopia, has existed on the left side.

This identity presupposes the habit of binocular fusion; but convergent squint arises, as a rule, before this habit is acquired.

As a rule preponderance of the interni in hypermetropia leads eventually to convergent squint even in childhood.

A convergent movement is not attained, either for near objects, or by means of prisms with bases outwards for distant ones.

Convergent strabismus was present at the same time, of such a degree that the eyes converged to a point 10 to 20 cm.