Conversations [noun]

Definition of Conversations:

dialogue, discourse

Synonyms of Conversations:

Opposite/Antonyms of Conversations:

Sentence/Example of Conversations:

His book is in cold reality nothing but a series of conversations explaining how a socialist commonwealth is supposed to work.

And the conversations I can reproduce almost verbatim, for, according to my invariable habit, I kept full notes of all he said.

In his metaphysical conversations, Baudelaire spoke much of his ideas, little of his sentiments, and never of his actions.

Even this information was often gleaned from undesirable conversations.

Specimen conversations between parent and child can be readily adapted for any family.

Oh, those Camford conversations—how impetuous, how interesting, how thoroughly hearty and unconventional they were!

The cause of my delay was a strong, an unjustifiable repugnance to write on a subject so foreign to our ordinary conversations.

Away with the empty and impious vanities, the base actions, the low despicable conversations of such a world.

How these mutual welcomes and conversations helped to encourage us, and to soothe the horrors of our continued solitude!

After several feverish attacks, he recovered a little, and was even enabled to resume our conversations.