Converted [adjective]

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He was converted and baptized, and was the first Hebrew instructor at Harvard college.

The author of the life of St. Francis Xavier, asserts, that "by one sermon he converted ten thousand persons in a desert island."

The need of ministers, which explains why many souls of Indian natives remain to be converted to our holy religion.

Through lack of them a considerable number of those already pacified and who pay tribute remain to be converted.

It is very combustible, burns with a pale blue flame, and is converted into water.

It dissolves readily in cold water, and is converted into sugar by long continued boiling with acids.

Eventually, however, both varieties become converted into clay, their magnesia and potash passing gradually into soluble forms.

Conversation had expired on Scattergood's arrival, and the group on the porch converted itself into an audience.

They are extremely prone to change, and in presence of animal matters readily ferment, and are converted into salts of ammonia.

The energy which kept the particles apart is, when they are driven together, converted into heat.