Converter [noun]

Definition of Converter:

person who aids, does religious work

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Sentence/Example of Converter:

With the converter in operation, the first step in the cycle was the evacuation of the ducts to a near-perfect vacuum.

He boosted me into the chamber of the converter and pointed out an opening near the top, about twelve by twenty-four inches.

The roaring flames, rushing from the mouth of the converter, changes its violet color to orange and finally to pure white.

To load or charge the converter it is tilted over somewhat to one side so that molten pig iron can be poured into it.

During the whole time that the metal is in the converter, from twenty to thirty minutes, no fuel is used to keep it hot.

From the mixer the iron is taken to the converter to be turned into steel.

Molten iron, tons and tons of it, is run into an immense pear-shaped vessel called a "converter."

The enormously heavy converter is so perfectly poised that a child can move it.

He'd have to see whether he couldn't get more output from the heat converter—if he could chance going past the leaking pile again.

As you mentioned, it's a perfect converter—it can transform mass into energy, and any energy into mass.