Convertibility [noun]

Definition of Convertibility:

charge for exchanging currency

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Sentence/Example of Convertibility:

The phrase "Correlation of Forces" is employed rather to express their mutual convertibility, or change from one to the others.

The most common peculiarity in the grammar of pronouns is the fact of what may be called their convertibility.

The convertibility of words in English is very great; and it is so because the structure of the language favours it.

The second point in the syntax of conjunctions is the fact of their great convertibility.

Only indefinite substitution and convertibility regardless of quality render nature manageable.

But, instead of securing such immediate convertibility, or taking any steps towards it, you will for the present renounce it.

The convertibility of words is in the inverse ratio to the amount of their inflection.

The unbelief and non-convertibility of the Pharisees is no counter-argument; for from them grace was expressly withdrawn.

Thirty-nine years only have passed since he announced the great law of the convertibility of force.

Both Russia and Japan, however, in the war of 1904-5, succeeded in maintaining complete convertibility of their bank-notes.