Converting [verb]

Definition of Converting:

change; adapt

Synonyms of Converting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Converting:

Sentence/Example of Converting:

He hastily constructed some out of old river steamboats, converting them into engines of destruction.

This levelling spirit is gradually converting the historic Walled City into a busy retail trading-centre.

What possible reason can there be for converting "force and knowledge," in p. 506., to "sense and knowledge?"

There was no converting a man who would not argue or reason, who based everything on flat refusal.

With great regret I saw the natives breaking many of them, and converting them into building materials for their houses.

Buddha travels slowly to the sacred city of Benares, converting by the way even Brahmans themselves.

He frayed out the tattered sails, and succeeded in converting them into an excellent yarn, of which he made twine.

This might have been done by converting the holdings of the men-at-arms into allodial estates, held direct from the Crown.

Howell Gruffydd was already converting the two original matchboarded cottages to his own use.

The gold, at first a metal, is now a sulphur, capable of converting all metals into its own sulphur.