Conveyed [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Conveyed:

Only 16 percent of the students said they would definitely not “address, confront, or otherwise convey disappointment” to the person who did not vote.

Agencies also need to broadcast the availability of multichannel options to citizens directly in order to convey value and drive broader community awareness of their existence.

If you’re trying to convey emotions, the way you use these tools will depend on what you want your audience to feel.

People’s brains are exquisitely tuned into faces, and the wealth of information that expressions can convey.

Early proof-of-concept studies provide convincing evidence that tattoos can be engineered, not only to change color, but to sense and convey biomedical information, including the onset of cancer.

As climate change brings intensified hurricanes, the language, visuals, and communication tools used to convey the increasing dangers of storms become all the more crucial.

If you think about a sentence in a language, we don’t really think much about what we’re saying, they just come out, and hopefully convey what we mean.

As unique as the message Lafalaise wants to convey is her process.

The discoverer’s name doesn’t tell you anything about what the landscape is like, any more than the “Ackerman” in Ackerman’s Island helps to convey a sandbar in downtown Wichita.

Instead, in its search for a new passport design that would better convey its national identity, Taiwan went with the safest option possible.