Conveys [verb]

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The faces convey emotion, but not in any subtle way like we’d see in Ellie or Joel, but mimicking Kabuki-style exaggerations that belie a deeper, unspoken pain.

I thought that the information we did convey was complete, and it was thorough, and it was truthful.

These visual pileups also convey a sense of anxiety that’s altogether up to date.

Compared to mainstream K-pop, their music conveys the reality of the pain of the youth and the struggles.

A pepper’s relative spiciness typically is conveyed in Scoville heat units — an imperfect measurement determined by a panel of human taste testers.

You are obviously disappointed, but I don’t think it helps for you to convey that.

One reason for this is that our voices convey myriad emotions, which helps us understand one another better and feel more empathic.

The stippled map clearly does a better job of conveying the relative weight of the vote in each county.

Front pages convey mood and tone, in addition to information, Moos said.

Disney animators have long drawn their princesses with big eyes to convey features that, to Western cultures in particular, suggest youthful innocence.