Convictions [noun]

Definition of Convictions:

belief, opinion

Synonyms of Convictions:

Opposite/Antonyms of Convictions:

Sentence/Example of Convictions:

If schooling is a training in expression and communication, college is essentially the establishment of broad convictions.

That is one of my deepest convictions, and I shall try very hard to prove that it is just.

Albrechts views, or rather convictions, were extraordinarily paradoxical.

I recognize her with that instinctive certainty that is stronger than all convictions supported by all the proofs imaginable.

I tried to laugh and talk away his brooding, but there was little use, his convictions were so strong.

There were convictions connected with the feelings of the heart as well as with the faculties of the mind.

Convictions under the statute were at this time seriously attracting public attention.

Pickpockets and others continue to pursue their avocations, notwithstanding a series of convictions.

My ideas about statecraft have passed through three main phases to the final convictions that remain.

Francesca's religious convictions, when she is away from her own minister and native land, are inclined to be flexible.