Convincing [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Convincing:

This is pretty convincing that this hydrogen that’s measured is from the enstatite chondrites rather than from terrestrial contamination.

If you agree with me and you don’t need convincing – skip to the end for details on how we can be involved with brand performance.

That makes Microraptor one of the most convincing cases of a nonbird dinosaur that could fly, Brusatte adds.

Yes, they all sound convincing and they have the verification mark guaranteeing they’re real customers.

There is no convincing evidence that any mutation is associated with infection or severity.

Now, schools may use a “clear and convincing” evidence standard.

It’s overwhelmingly convincing that people believe data-related skills are important to get by in work today.

I have seen a lot of Bolshevik propaganda and it is not very convincing stuff.

Here convincing proof was given of Mme. Mesdag's accuracy, originality of interpretation, and her skill in the use of color.

Wasn't the dead man stretched in the shadow convincing proof of their capacity for pure devilishness?