Convincingly [adverb]

Definition of Convincingly:

in a satisfactory manner

Synonyms of Convincingly:

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Sentence/Example of Convincingly:

Thankfully, none of the 54 student athletes we examined had convincing signs of myocarditis.

“Messaging that allows the public to know that masks protect you as well as others will be more powerful in convincing skeptics that masks are important in public spaces to slow down spread and disease from covid-19,” Gandhi said.

While the Saints absolutely dismantled the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday, they had been short on truly convincing wins this season, and the arm strength of Drew Brees continues to be a concern.

Androids that convincing might not yet walk among us, but they certainly exist, albeit in a more benevolent form.

Because the actor’s body, voice, and performance are retained—with the original expressions translated to the deepfaked face—impersonators are usually cast to create the most convincing final product.

Like most new scientific findings that challenge consensus views, other teams will have to replicate Durand’s results for others to find them convincing.

“It’s going to take me some convincing, so I want to acknowledge that, but I think the idea of a broad-based, bipartisan look at the system probably makes some sense,” he said when a participant asked about term limits for justices.

Simien was so taken with the character as to write Sandra’s chintzy, oddly convincing pop songs himself.

Again, my beard screwed it up, but this is the kind of subtle effect that’s more convincing than aging my own face by 50 years.

Meanwhile, Steinberg, Ramos and their Toronto colleagues David Spierings and Isabelle Racicot pursued an experiment that has been more convincing.