Conviviality [noun]

Definition of Conviviality:


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Sentence/Example of Conviviality:

However there was no harm done, and having roared for a boy to off-saddle, Kendrew led the way inside, on conviviality intent.

The unhappy event which so suddenly interrupted the conviviality of the party scarcely made a more than momentary impression.

These artless people, during the conviviality of the feast, spoke without disguise.

Nothing produces good-fellowship, intimacy, and conviviality more than a good supper.

That was the end of those delicate topics; and conviviality grew apace.

Bob Fielding was one of those occasional beings who combine with total abstinence a life of the highest conviviality.

The meal was an excellent one, and passed off with all that easy conviviality that every class of Frenchmen know how to display.

O'Shaughnessy presided at the table next to us, but near enough to join in all the conviviality of ours.

To poets of this order, therefore, conviviality is allowable; and they may often indulge in draughts of good old wine.

He himself hated liquor, and he had no recollection of having been persuaded into illicit conviviality.