Convoked [verb]

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Malesherbes in those days, and good writers since, held that the only safe plan was to convoke the States-General.

The leaders threatened that if the authorities did not convoke the people, they would, and would employ force if necessary.

It was high time to tell her relatives and mine and convoke a family council.

Immediately the bell was rung to convoke the vetch, and the masses called for war with Moscow.

We, our winter pastimes to greet thee convoke, And the goddess of health with thee daily invoke.

We learn from London, that the King has dissolved the present Parliament, and will convoke a new one.

The great argument of the Liberals was that Paris could not convoke herself, but ought to wait for the permission of the Assembly.

Hardly possessed of the government, they have hastened to convoke the people of Paris to the ballot-boxes.

Any one of the five tribes could convoke the federal council, but the council could not convene itself.

The prayer of that petition was that he would convoke a free Parliament.