Convoluted [adjective]

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It is large in the anthropoid apes, especially in the orang, in which it is very long and spirally convoluted.

Sometimes it rolled sullenly, and convoluted in oily surges beneath its coverlid of snow, like a bed of monstrous serpents.

You call a cigar a "convoluted weed," and so on, you know; that passes for facetiousness.

The female is more brightly coloured than the male, and has a convoluted trachea, elsewhere a masculine character.

While the convoluted intestines are like the roots of a tree, absorbing nurture for it from environment.

This was followed at evening by the first aurora display, in the form of a delicate convoluted ribbon of colourless light.

There appears to have been a return to this convoluted knotted kind of ornament at this period.

The oviducts are large, swollen and convoluted, resembling those in sexually mature individuals.

The adjacent loops of the convoluted vein are often bound together by fibrous tissue.

In this process the chromatin becomes a convoluted thread, called the Skein or Spireme.