Convolutions [noun]

Definition of Convolutions:

loop, spiral

Synonyms of Convolutions:

Opposite/Antonyms of Convolutions:

Sentence/Example of Convolutions:

Thus the skull becomes thinner at the site of every active organ, and thicker over every convolution that is inactive.

It had the movement of steam-wreaths, with each convolution faintly edged with light.

He regarded the organ of language as a convolution lying on the super-orbital plate, behind the position of the eyeball.

This convolution is comparatively defective in animals generally, but more developed in birds of superior vocal powers.

The brain is large, and in quantity and amount of convolution exceeds that of the land Carnivores.

Baldly it states that a portion of a certain convolution controls a certain movement of a hand.

On the left side a large bridging convolution crosses the middle of the fissure of Rolando.

In the frontal lobe of the right hemisphere the first frontal convolution is quite regular.

He speaks because the mouth and larynx communicate with the third frontal convolution of the brain.

Chrosomus and Notropis differ greatly in the length and convolution of the intestine.