Convoys [noun]

Definition of Convoys:

guard, escort

Synonyms of Convoys:

Opposite/Antonyms of Convoys:


Sentence/Example of Convoys:

If shots are transported during a blizzard, the vaccine convoy could follow 30 minutes behind a salt truck.

A love story set against the backdrop of the Irish War of Independence, the film opens with an Irish Republican Army ambush of a police convoy carrying two of their captured members, and was released in America as River of Unrest.

We’re social animals, and serving the greatest number in your social convoy guarantees your continued existence.

His strolling is interrupted when he receives a call from Peter Parker asking him to help supervise a prison convoy.

Suspects’ identities remain unclear in deadly convoy attack.

Most extraordinary, however, is that a convoy of Armis trucks may only require one driver in the future.

If so, it'll be a convoy of clean semi-trucks — not a bunch of quirky passenger cars — leading the way.

It was risky work to leave the valuable convoy for an instant, but Malcolm felt that he must probe this mystery.

You must proceed, with your convoy and escort, till you regain the high-road, then take the first quarters you can find.

At the same time the Napoleon, with a convoy of steamers and transports, rose well into sight on our starboard quarter.