Convulse [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Convulse:

"You positively convulse me, you're so very humorous," said Robinson, without a vestige of a smile.

When anger, avarice, and concupiscence convulse the peace of thy soul, look up to this star and call on Mary.

In a moment he could melt a popular audience to tears or convulse it with laughter.

At that moment he felt an electric thrill convulse her frame, followed by a complete stillness.

She would be thought asleep were it not for the tremors that periodically convulse her frame.

She threw back her head, and he saw uncontrollable laughter convulse her beautiful throat.

He translated Voltaire's Taureau Blanc—a story which used to 'convulse him with laughter.'

He could convulse them with merriment by his hesitating utterance as Falstaff of "A shirt—and a half!"

How are we preparing for this struggle, which may yet convulse the world?

A great passion bursting out across the way would convulse the town like an earthquake.