Cooed [verb]

Definition of Cooed:

cry softly

Synonyms of Cooed:





Opposite/Antonyms of Cooed:


Sentence/Example of Cooed:

"You're going to have your bottle in just a minute now," cooed Miss Haine, drying the child with a vigor which it resented.

The clock ticked; pigeons cooed on the veranda; a door opened in the distance, and for a moment a treble voice was heard.

Round Villa Rubein the pigeons cooed uneasily, all the other birds were silent.

"I don't want you to feel you have anything against me," he cooed still more softly.

White doves flitted about the building, or cooed their drowsy love-song, perched peacefully on pinnacle and shaft.

And would it not pe petter to be cooed friends without more of the matter?

"And you was crowned queen o' love and beauty, Mandy," cooed old Mrs. Powell.

Frankie laughed and cooed, and as soon as his papa stopped, kicked his little feet to have it go again.

Below them, in their holes in the sandstone, pigeons preened themselves and cooed softly.

Back somewhere among the high branches a dove cooed and then a horse neighed shrilly.