Cookbooks [noun]

Definition of Cookbooks:

book giving instruction

Synonyms of Cookbooks:

Opposite/Antonyms of Cookbooks:


Sentence/Example of Cookbooks:

She wrote newspaper articles about household activities and travel books, fiction books and a famous cookbook.

The fish is all right, anyway, and Im going to make some sauce hollandaise for it out of the cookbook.

"And now for the dessert," she finished, pouncing on the cookbook.

For dessert—well, maybe I can find a new pie or pudding in the cookbook.

It is very interesting to read over the many dishes of this class in a cookbook and to attempt to classify them.

So the odd old cookbook direction, "Add a cup of fish," takes on new meaning.

In this little cookbook you will find the favorite recipes of the Club members and many of their friends.

Suddenly Rebecca Mary was on her feet, waving the cookbook jubilantly.

Really all you need to know how to cook is a cookbook and intelligence.

Duty—stern, unswerving duty—bade her inspect Rebecca Mary's little cookbook diary.