Cooled [adjective]

Definition of Cooled:

cold, nippy

Synonyms of Cooled:

Opposite/Antonyms of Cooled:

Sentence/Example of Cooled:

So, the water cooled in the salt slush was definitely colder than the water cooled in simple ice.

According to a Monday blog post from Microsoft, the consistently cool underwater temperatures made it possible to use similar heat-exchange plumbing to the kind found on submarines.

We handled some of the work, so you can get your cool java sooner.

While it seems everyone wants to keep pace with the cool kids, everyone can’t keep pace with the cool kids.

We look at the trends, and it’s a reason we started a delivery service before it was cool.

The key to the new approach is that the cooling system has been designed into the chip right from the start to maximize heat transfer.

The cooling system moves air through the entire setup to pull heat away.

She was going to see my sister in Marin that day, because Marin was going to be cooler than Napa, where she lived.

September through May, La Gomera is consistenly cooler and perfect for hiking.

Based on their shape and waterproofing, they allowed my companions to sleep on the boats, which proved to be the coolest place at night.