Coolers [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Coolers:

If you use it wisely, it may be Ulysses' hauberk; if you reject it, the shirt of Nessus were a cooler winding-sheet!

Say, old-timer, is it right about Mac losing his stripes and getting thirty days in the cooler?

A cool head, his; never a cooler brought thought to bear upon perplexity; nevertheless it was not feeling very collected now.

Donald has a still cooler head than his neighbour John Bull, and that is saying a good deal.

Lifted upward, the air as it ascends the slopes is brought into cooler and more rarefied conditions.

By and by, however, it grew a little cooler, as the shadow of the great dark branches crept across the tent.

Presently I heard a window opened and felt the cooler rush of rain-freshened air from the fragrant orchard.

There was a little table at hand; on it stood a rock-crystal goblet and a silver cooler filled with snow-water and rose sherbet.

The higher mountains preserve distinct species, the surviving remnants of the flora of a cooler period.

Here the young men gathered to practice the athletic games mentioned above, naturally in the cooler parts of the day.