Cooperative [adjective]

Definition of Cooperative:

joint, unified

Opposite/Antonyms of Cooperative:

Sentence/Example of Cooperative:

The cooperative joins the ranks of brand holding companies like Procter & Gamble and Anheuser-Busch that have added incubators or venture arms to create new brands to compete with direct-to-consumer startups.

Still she’s working on forming burn cooperatives and designing burner certificate programs to bring healthy fire practices back into communities.

Participants who chanted as a group at the same time were more cooperative when playing a game after the chanting than those who chanted words sequentially.

The participants then played a cooperative game within their groups.

Sometimes a farmer would give a sheep, and the local cooperative society provided the bread at half the cost of production.

But when he tried to express the cooperative impulse that stirred within him, his noises became gibberish.

At the end of 1836 the hand-loom weavers of Philadelphia proper had two cooperative shops and were planning to open a third.

The handloom weavers in two of the suburbs of Philadelphia started cooperative associations at the same time.

The cooperative principle met with success among the English-speaking people only outside the larger cities.

They endeavored to cut off the profits of the middleman by establishing cooperative grocery stores, meat markets, and coal yards.