Coordinating [verb]

Definition of Coordinating:

match, relate

Synonyms of Coordinating:

Opposite/Antonyms of Coordinating:

Sentence/Example of Coordinating:

It functions as a coordinating agency in such things as running the national elections.

There is still no possibility of coordinating postal facilities with express facilities.

Moreover, the coordinating spirit of the age has touched the minds of some.

That some coordinating influence would be required we may take for granted.

The singing of the male and the calling of the female serve as signals, coordinating the exchange.

We've begun coordinating economic and monetary policy among our major trading partners.

An embryo which grows without coordinating its internal organs is not vital.

Coordinating the biggest parade in New York's history is not easy.

It is also the seat of many reflex, automatic, and coordinating centers.

What did not change is the structure of the coordinating mechanism.