Coordination [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Coordination:

There is a serious coordination problem of achieving reform in existing corporations.

I think he’s done a tremendous amount of good in Japan not just by the stability and the consistency of the grip of power, but by really…the coordination.

It doesn’t hurt that this is the first crisis of the digital workflow era, when Slack, Zoom, and Airtable make complex coordination easy.

Here in California, we have also had great success with this model of interagency coordination at Lake Tahoe.

She saw how their coordination and speech lagged behind that of their peers.

We need a coordination of all the forces that make for social amelioration in modern life to correct present false impressions.

There is a curious lack of coordination between the formula as printed on the label and that given in the literature.

Improvement in public health requires cooperation and coordination of all these.

It used the new methods of determining reaction times, and testing the coordination of mind and body.

Its defeat had been accomplished by exceptional daring, combined with a skillful coordination of Confederate commands.