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That means cops with dubious records sometimes get bounced around police agencies.

Diamandis compares it to a cop walking the beat, but for a biological threat—that is, it requires a more targeted approach than searching for one criminal.

However, private security agents still face far less public scrutiny than the average cop.

Earlier this month, Kate Nucci reported that cops since 2013 had issued at least 83 tickets for seditious language.

When Jennifer Strong and I started reporting on the use of face recognition technology by police for our new podcast, “In Machines We Trust,” we knew these AI-powered systems were being adopted by cops all over the US and in other countries.

A lot of cop talk is coming at you in this week’s VOSD podcast.

Los Angeles Unified has slashed police spending and Oakland has eliminated cops from schools altogether.

Once he had been a young cop, determined to work his way up in the police force.

In his efforts to clear himself, the young cop had taken half a dozen lead slugs from underworld guns into his body.

It was the Hermit's vast store of scientific knowledge that brought the half-dead cop back to health.