Copied [adjective]

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Those copies are read by cellular machinery and used to produce proteins.

Despite bidding, there are no keywords, no extensions and no ad copy to write.

Emails and subject line copy can now be guided by AI and machine learning so that better emails will be created with greater accuracy and in half the time.

Robinson has been a conservative since a friend loaned him a copy of Rush Limbaugh’s The Way Things Ought to Be.

A digital twin is a copy of a system that can be manipulated to experiment with different outcomes.

With high-quality images and video and updated ad copy ready to go, those products are sure to fly off the shelves.

Science historians have long debated just how many copies were produced during the book's first print run.

This intelligence can be used to improve website SEO and content marketing strategies, ad copy and creative, and identifies potential new markets to enter.

Since I’d previously installed Overwatch via a physical copy, it did install correctly when I loaded the disk.

You get a huge amount of storage space per person, and everyone can install their own copies of Word, Excel and PowerPoint, too.