Copies [noun]

Definition of Copies:

duplicate, imitation

Opposite/Antonyms of Copies:

Sentence/Example of Copies:

Starting in Dallas he received orders for one hundred forty-two copies the first day.

Later on he became intensely critical of his own work, and finally bought up all the copies he could lay hands on and burnt them!

Other orchestra leaders are always writing and begging him to lend them his copies of Oratorios, etc.

Frequent calls for copies of my small book—by this time out of print—testified that this was actually the case.

To the greatest extent of the capacities of all, it is dutiful for them to obtain and distribute copies of the blessed word.

I alter the wintred of the old copies to windred, to make the form agree with that in l. 1020.

The missionary returned home delighted; he had disposed of his 500 copies.

It was written at Lisbon in 1816, and two or three copies printed by one of his friends, and the last of these is now mine.

These copies or duplicates are the talking-machine records which the public ultimately purchases.

Technical studies should be based upon the original negatives or upon copies on glass.