Coping [verb]

Definition of Coping:

manage, contend

Synonyms of Coping:

Opposite/Antonyms of Coping:

Sentence/Example of Coping:

It is the crown and apex of all bad language, the coping-stone of all systems of verbal aggression and abuse.

It had two pilasters of stone cut in facets, and the coping represented a reclining woman holding a cornucopia.

He had put his hammer into his pocket; his little heap of cut nails remained on the coping.

Mars scooted upward, already changing into something capable of coping with the bear.

He heard the mysterious stranger drop from the coping of the wall and the sound of his swift feet.

They alighted on a nail; a nail thrust lightly into the mortar below the coping stone.

Some of its stone roofs have a coping of red tiles, the first to be seen in Upper Teesdale.

And when we come to less palpable imperfections in goods, it will be seen that legislation is quite incapable of coping with them.

Then he deliberately rolled his own body and the weight of the madman, who held him, over the edge of the coping.

Twice she leaped and twice she fell back, but the third time she gained the coping just as the hounds came up.