Copiously [adverb]

Definition of Copiously:

to a great extent

Opposite/Antonyms of Copiously:


Sentence/Example of Copiously:

The hospitals’ responses and copious attachments filled more than 950 pages.

There’s copious social science research—and widespread real-world experience—that agrees.

Besides, nearly half of all consumers engage with copious amounts of content before arriving at a purchase decision.

That allows for enticing features like a pickup truck with a built-in grill that slides out when you want to cook and copious amounts of storage space.

Loading up soils with copious amounts of nitrogen fertilizer also has another downside.

So, after three weeks, poor Dorothea had to be sent away—weeping copiously, and bewildered over this cruel misfortune.

If a person be shut up in a close room with one of them alive, he cannot support the perfume, it is so copiously diffused.

In the heat of his eager rhetoric, old Guillaume had scarcely looked at his assistant, who was weeping copiously.

As the melody proceeded, so did the drops pour more copiously from the orphan's eyes.

She sat next Mrs. A., the elder, and wept copiously in sympathy.