Copiousness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Copiousness:

In a recent phone conversation, Araujo told me I wasn’t the only one consuming copious amounts of her salsa before the food had even arrived at the table.

Beyond the usual family joys — in recent months, mine have included copious waterfalls of sourly fragrant baby spit-up — my memories of this stupid pandemic will be moments of national tragedy and of athletic joy.

Cohabitation is a challenge, but fueled by poetry and copious amounts of wine, it brings them closer together in a surprising way.

The company served up copious discounts and “free” beverage vouchers, cutting the price of its drinks to about a third of the competition’s.

Many promise precision on par with sous vide cooking, but with more robust capabilities—such as the ability to brown food—while providing convenience through copious smart features like apps and pre-programmed recipes.

By his choice of a vehicle he has avoided the fatal facility and copiousness which have led many Spanish poets to destruction.

In the copiousness of the ancient swearing the notion of an oath accommodated itself to all the varieties of monstrous gods.

This is treated by the author with great copiousness of detail, and in a spirit of profound reverence and sincere Christian faith.

There is a suggestion of the robin's love-song in his, but its copiousness, variety, and rapidity give it a character all its own.

We quote a single instance which may stand for hundreds and which shows the remarkable copiousness of our language.