Coppers [noun]

Definition of Coppers:

reddish-brown color

Synonyms of Coppers:

Opposite/Antonyms of Coppers:


Sentence/Example of Coppers:

The leaves alone are used in trade: they are first stripped off the stalk, and then boiled down in large coppers.

And those birds chatting down the hall were local coppers with a couple of men from the County Homicide Squad.

I would give this moment my hand full of half-Bits, or their value in coppers, if I thought you wish to see me.

The sight of those coppers which I gave her children—more out of joke than charity—demoralized the woman.

I thought it useless to question Cucumber further, so gave him a few coppers, and set off homewards.

Five months have passed, and all this time the shafts in the manufactories have been turning, and the quick coppers accumulating.

I reckon the devil is pitching coppers for us just now—and the penny is just hopping off his thumb nail!

Two or three days later they are carried up to the boiling-houses and thrown into great coppers of boiling water.

All three sprang up in a rage, looked up, and received another handful of coppers in their faces.

The revolutionaries went about among the excited people with baskets, begging coppers for their destitute and miserable governor.