Coppice [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Coppice:

There, amidst the trees of the coppice, like a picture framed round by green leaves, stood Ketira the gipsy.

Pulling her red cloak about her shoulders, she went swiftly through the gate, and disappeared within the opposite coppice.

The other two sides were still open to the hazel coppice that here encroached upon the Abbey.

A little further on another, and then yet another were bagged: it was a well-stocked coppice, and had not been shot yet.

Some patches of ancient coppice at the base of the barish hills behind, give it even a smiling aspect.

My bivouac was in the only coppice far and wide, in which the springs bubbled up at the foot of a very tall cypress.

A very large dry cedar trunk rose with its upper half out of the coppice.

He ran down through the fields, reached the pond just as the sun rose, and passed into the coppice.

He came to the pond, where flies and gnats were dancing over a bright reedy surface; and on into the coppice.

The road from Stanby to The Warrens passed close by the coppice on the south-east.