Copses [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Copses:

I suspect the Anglo-Saxon bearo, a grove or copse, is the word here preserved.

The piece of common was soon passed; and then a copse-wood, filled with brakes and briars, had to be passed through.

On their arrival they found that the herd were feeding at a considerable distance from the copse, which was perhaps as well.

In a moment more he perceived his own dog, Smoker, come bounding out of a neighbouring copse, followed by Humphrey and Pablo.

Not far off, alongside a birch copse, ran a road planted with willows: the country seemed familiar to me.

The copse or wood into which she had entered was dark and cool.

Perhaps the squirrel, who knows the copse so well, will go and fetch him.

But they were now concentrated, and preparing no doubt for a raid upon the copse.

Neither of them was his guide, but they both went towards the copse.

"Let us hide away in the copse," said I, for I fancied that growling, wailing sound came sweeping up to us from over the downs.