Copying [verb]

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My mother now tells me that she knew of this mistake, an error of the New York paper in copying the item from a Southern journal.

For copying by engraving, &c. the exact dimension required of any picture may at once be given to be copied from.

It would be very easy, in carelessly copying a MS., to substitute either word for the other.

These things are all done for him in the picture he is copying, yet these are the very first things he should have practised in.

St. Ives is now in the 5th chapter copying; in the 14th chapter of the dictated draft.

He also wrote Mr. George's and Rollo's name in a big book, copying them for this purpose from the passport.

I got up at three o'clock in the morning, and devoted an hour either to copying music or colouring some large lithograph.

The monkey having arms and hands, makes use of them as we do, but without any idea of copying our example.

Franchomme, too, granted me the privilege of copying his friend's epistolary communications.

As he came upstairs from the library where he had been copying a composition, his father called to him from the hall below.