Coquettish [adjective]

Definition of Coquettish:


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Sentence/Example of Coquettish:

The sun was shining when they arrived at Salon, the gayest, the most coquettish, the most laughing little town in Provence.

In spite of that lady's advanced age, these rooms had been newly fitted up in the daintiest, most coquettish style imaginable.

She gave a slight nod of her pretty head, accompanying the coquettish movement with a wonderful smile.

Now his colouring is chic, capricious, and coquettish, now it is that of the most delicate faded Gobelin tapestry.

Venturita's coquettish expression betrayed her satisfaction at seeing herself admired.

This was said in the most coquettish manner possible, and Tom Thornton felt his heart beating proudly.

The Valse proper begins in a very pompous style, with right hand very staccato; all is exceedingly coquettish.

There was a charming half-coquettish way about her, but she never made a bid for compliments.

Eulalia flung open her fan with a coquettish gesture, and raising it to her face, looked over the top of it at Philip.

All her bright spirits and coquettish wiles of last night had vanished.