Coracle [noun]

Definition of Coracle:

light, paddled boat

Synonyms of Coracle:

Opposite/Antonyms of Coracle:


Sentence/Example of Coracle:

There was the voyage of Maeldun, who had set out in his coracle, and visited strange islands.

Silence was between them as they neared the cove where a large coracle lay, with three men in it.

The sun was already among the outer isles when the coracle passed near the Isle of Columns.

In the narrow channel that separates Inch Marnock from Bute she saw a tiny coracle with a man on board.

Fishing at sea in a skin coracle, he was seized by Irish pirates, who carried him off towards Ireland.

It was easy now to understand how she had recognized that rock tunnel through which the little coracle had been paddled.

Seventeen priests set sail in the coracle, or boat of basket work covered with leather.

She sat huddled forlornly in the coracle's bottom, shivering in her long black cloak.

The coracle grounded gently on the beach, almost at the moment that the carts entered the ford on the opposite side of the island.

The current was bearing coracle and schooner southward at an equal rate.