Cordiality [noun]

Definition of Cordiality:

friendliness, sociability

Opposite/Antonyms of Cordiality:

Sentence/Example of Cordiality:

She was delighted by your brilliant talk and sense of humour, but still more delighted by your cordiality and kindness.

He bowed a trifle stiffly, and was surprised to have his bow returned with a graciousness that amounted almost to cordiality.

Mark extended his hand cordially, but there was no warmth or cordiality in the hand that Spencer gave him.

Captain Stewart, who lived outside the town, received me with the same cordiality as the other residents had done.

The two men were talking with great cordiality, when the sound of a dogcart driving up to the front door disturbed them.

This unexpected kindness altered the behaviour of the farmer; he made her a low bow, and thanked her with great cordiality.

The visit lasted an hour, and was marked at its close with greater cordiality, if possible, than at the commencement.

The greatest cordiality existed between the chiefs of the armies.

The interview lasted a long time; when it was ended, Michel's friends took leave of him with even greater cordiality.

The General spoke to all the patients, and had a kind word for everyone, and they all greeted him with gratitude and cordiality.