Cordially [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Cordially:

This race, which started out so cordially between two very professional people, has gotten a little rough.

In the meantime, the outlaw, having observed how much more cordially the tyrant is received than himself, has made his exit.

He was a very tall man, and he had a very tall and hospitable daughter, nearly as big as himself, who received us very cordially.

Thanks to Massna's warm introduction and his own reputation, he found himself cordially received by the First Consul.

Nancy, appearing much gratified thereby, saluted him cordially.

In one word, to the whole worship of God the soul that clings to His Covenant will cordially bind itself in his dread presence.

"We have a little lunch club of employees, and guests often sit in with us," said the agent cordially.

I was cordially welcomed in the very first circles, and every one did all in his power to be of use to me.

Mark extended his hand cordially, but there was no warmth or cordiality in the hand that Spencer gave him.

In Mobile the cadets were cordially received, and conducted themselves to my entire satisfaction.