Corduroys [noun]

Definition of Corduroys:

clothing for legs, lower half of body

Synonyms of Corduroys:

Opposite/Antonyms of Corduroys:


Sentence/Example of Corduroys:

Not a dollar did he possess—not even did he have a suit of clothes any more, and wore every day his corduroys.

So neat in his dress was Sanders, that he was seldom seen abroad in corduroys.

Directly in back of Phil sat two men clad in rough corduroys and high boots.

My host had fixed his feet upon the fender—the unemployed hand was in his corduroys.

He noticed that Rodney wore corduroys and leather leggings, and that a whip lay on the ground a few yards off.

Some of our own contemporaries we hate particularly; Cobbett, for instance, and other bad fellows in fustian and corduroys.

In the same early morning, I discovered a singular affinity between seeds and corduroys.

They were manly and courteous, and through their untrimmed beards and rough corduroys a voice said very plainly, "Ruling race."

There were men from the mines in their flannel shirts and corduroys, their Stetsons and high boots.

He nodded and strolled away, a comical figure in his mud-crusted boots, his strap-tied corduroys and his almond-coloured skin.